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1967 Disturbances

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Rioting from the Cultural Revolution in China spilled over into Hong Kong during the long hot summer of 1967. At one point demonstrators hurled missiles at the police from the upper floors of the resettlement estates of Kowloon, to which police responded with tear gas.

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Demonstrators provoked by the presence of the media harassed camera crews and chanted slogans as they marched on Government House with lists of demands that must be accepted 'unconditionally.'

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Repercussions from China's Cultural Revolution flowed across the border into Hong Kong in 1967.

Local communists festooned Government House with anti-capitalist and anti-foreign posters as grim-faced marchers chanted patriotic slogans at the main gates.

In December 1967, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai ordered the leftist groups in Hong Kong to stop all bombings, putting an end to the riots in Hong Kong.

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