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The Early Years

Qing Court and Governor Luard

The Qing court was still in power in September 1909 when Governor Lugard posed on the steps of Government House with members of the Legislative Council and with the royal visitor from Peking, Prince Tsai Hsun. On Lugard’s left is Yuan Shu-hsun, Viceroy of Canton.

Kowloon Canton Railway Opening

At the opening ceremony of the Chinese section of the Kowloon Canton Railway on 5 October 1911, the Chinese Commissioner of Foreign Affairs was seated between Governor Lugard and Cecil Clementi, who in 1925, would be elevated to the position of the seventeenth Governor of Hong Kong.

Kowloon Canton Railway new station termi

In the closing years of the Qing Dynasty, officials in formal attire attended the inauguration of the Kowloon Canton Railway's new station terminus, opened in Canton in 1914.

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