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Air, Land and Sea

ocean liner Queen Elizabeth

For Hong Kong the 70s dawned promisingly with the arrival in its waters, under her own steam, of the giant ocean liner Queen Elizabeth, formerly the proud flagship of the Cunard line. Here the liner is seen entering Hong Kong waters, passing, as she traverses the Lamma Channel, a venerable junk of an earlier nautical era.

00122a2_OLD HK.jpg

Surviving the disastrous Typhoon Rose of 16 August 1971, when more than 30 other oceangoing vessels ran aground, the Queen Elizabeth was destroyed by fire in the final stages of her refurbishment into C.Y. Tung's dream of a floating university, to be renamed the Seawise.

Junk in Central

With full-blown sails, seemingly as translucent as silk, crews of a glorious seagoing heritage, would gaze in wonder at the vision of 'tomorrow' as they tacked the harbour's waterfront then dominated by the towering edifices of Jardine House and Exchange Square.

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